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Fast, easy, and secure way to find items to rent or buy from your local community. From sports gear to DJ equipment, furniture to hand tools, save money and live lighter by borrowing what you need at the tap of a button.

Don't buy it, La'Rent it!

Sharing is the new owning. Sure, owning stuff is cool, but it’s just a waste of space if you’re not using that item daily. When you rent with La'Rent, you get what you need from the item without wasting your money.

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Turning Your Idle Goods Into Cash

We all own something that could be of value to someone else. So why not share it? Instead of letting your extra stuff sit around and take up space, help out a neighbor by providing a cost-saving alternative to buying, and make a new connection within your community.

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Why La'Rent is safe and secure

Rule Setting System

Owners can protect their stuff by adding custom rules to their listings, including requiring security deposits.

Rent Worry Free

Item protection: All items are automatically covered up to $1800 by our guarantee.

Make Extra Money, Renting Your Stuff !

Verified & Reviewed

All accounts are verified under Stripe Security System, and both renters and owners are reviewed after each transaction to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of our marketplace.

List Your Items for FREE

Easily list your underused items for rent or sale for. What's more, as a Rental Listing Owner, you have complete control over prices, availability, collection, and who you choose to rent to.

Get Paid Directly

Through our secure network you can get paid directly into your Bank Account, no fuss. Payments can take around 7 days to complete after confirmation.

Flexible & Transparent

Chat with users and read their reviews before accepting or declining any requests. You can also cancel your rentals at any time with no or minimal penalties.

Secure Transactions

You get to choose the details of your agreements, and can set security fees, rental agreements, request ID or proof of address proof as you see fit.

Pick-up or Delivery

Sort out the collection and return of items in a way that is most convenient to you. Deliver yourself, by courier post, or arrange pick-up and drop-off times with your renters.

Buy, Sell, & Rent your stuff online

Recent rental reviews

"Very easy to work with, good communication, fast to get the item shipped. Returned my deposit and the 2nd monthly fee (that I no longer needed) very promptly after receiving the item back" Kristian

"Excellent & fast communication and item arrived quickly."


"Went smooth no problems"


"Michael is great to rent from. Good communication and everything worked perfectly. Thanks"


"Amazing product. It’s very useful. Thanks"


It just works

"Excellent trader,Immediate contact and payment. Look forward to trading again. Thanks Highly Recommended."


"Everything is good, awesome"


"Appreciate a lot !!!"

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