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About  La'Rent Marketplace

La'Rent is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace. Simply put, we connect those who have to those who don’t in order to create a sharing economy that everyone can benefit from. 

Earn More. Waste less.

On La'Rent, you can make money on your underutilized items, or spend less by borrowing something you want or need. It’s common sense really. Instead of gathering dust at the back of the cupboard, your stuff can be put to good use by someone who needs it. While you earn a bit of extra cash, someone else gets to save some money by renting what they need, just for when they need it. From photography equipment to power tools, garden furniture to party decorations, anything worth sharing is worth listing on La'Rent.

Connect with your community.

La'Rent aims to disrupt modern consumer culture and take us back to the bygone days when the air was a little cleaner, the grass a little greener, and people helped people. We believe in making connections through community, creating new experiences, maintaining sustainable solutions, and coming together to help one another, and the planet.

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