Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter Renting out $179/weekly

Sublue WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter Description

Slide through the water with the Sublue WhiteShark mix Underwater Scooter. With two propellers, this underwater scooter provides a thrust of 17.6 lbs, moving you as fast as 3.4 mph to depths of 131 feet. Its sleek design is compact, portable and adaptable to all your explorations. Easily record videos with the Mix underwater scooter. All you have to do is mount your action camera to the front of it and enjoy what's ahead of you.

Explore the underworld you only dreamt about with the Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter.

A Sleek Design Filled with Features Futuristic looking and highly functional.

The Sublue Mix has every part designed with utility in mind. Its hydrodynamic body glides through the water with ease as fast as 3.4mph and as deep as 131 ft.
To activate it, place your hands on both triggers on each side, press it and explore farther.

For a neutral buoyancy, its wing helps the Sublue Mix stay afloat while you focus on the school fish next to you. In case you don't need the wing, you can easily remove it and use the safety leash to keep your Mix safe. By removing the wing, the Mix also becomes more compact, allowing you to take it on your trips. The Mix is TSA approved, so there's no reason to leave it at home when your next voyage comes. More Memories, Less Time Behind the Camera The Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter features a camera mount for more moments on camera.
The camera mount is placed in front of the Mix, making it the perfect position to shoot and record your underwater adventures.
By simply mounting your camera to the front of the Mix, you can enjoy your time discovering the water while the Mix supports your camera to record everything you encounter. This enables you to focus more on the moment while also recording your adventure so you can show it to your friends and family.

So go ahead, explore more, see more, while also showing others more. A Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery With a lithium-ion battery and a charger


Weight: 2850g (Battery included)
Power: 520W
Speed: 5.4 km/h - 3.35 miles/hour (1.5m/s)
Working Depth: 40m (maximum depth)
Battery Duration: 30 minutes (normal use)
Indicator Light: working status and battery charge indicator
External Support: Gopro mount and buoyancy capsule.

Single Thruster Force 4KGF
Sing Thruster Maximum Power 260W

Voltage 11.1V
Rated power 100W
Battery Capacity 11000mAh
Voltage 11.1V
Energy 121Wh
Charging Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Maximum Charging Power 100W
Charging Period ≤3 hours
Battery Weight 820g

WhiteShark MIX scooter
Li-Ion battery
Intelligent charger
Carry bag
Buoyancy float
Wrist lanyard
Instruction Manual

Condition: Used item
Regions: Auckland
Shipping options:
Delivery available
Is there a deposit or bond required on pickup?: 300
Request ID & address proof or setting up rental agreements ( download it on the menu )?: ID&Address proof and setting up rental agreements

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